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​​"I just wanted to take a minute and brag on Miss Brandi.  I have stayed and watched the class several times and have been so impressed with her!  She handles the class so well!!  She is always smiling and full of energy!  She makes everything fun for them!  Rahely adores her and always wakes up on Thursday mornings ready to see Jitty!  Thank you so much for this wonderful program and for finding Miss Brandi for us!


​Stacy Floyd

"JitterBugs is a great program for kids.  It's a creative and energetic program that helps to build confidence in our children.  My own children attended for years and loved it.  Learning the basics of rhythm in JitterBugs also helps children with counting and early math skills.  The children in our child care center look forward to it every week and benefit greatly from their participation."


Kristina Smith
St. Thomas Episcopal Church Director,
Kids Day Out, Springdale, AR

"Thanks so much for all you have done.  James loves your class and loves performing!


Thank you for being a positive role model for James!"



Tanya Sharp

"I had the pleasure of watching my granddaughter in dance class yesterday.  I just wanted to take a minute to say how impressed I was with the job of the teacher.  I could not be happier after watching the way she interacts with the children.  It takes a special person to hold the attention of these 2 year olds and I must say she has a special talent and is such pleasant and professional young lady.   I had wondered how Rose was doing in class, now I know first hand….she loves it and was eager to participate.  I am so glad she has been given this opportunity.  Thanks so much for bringing this wonderful program to our center!"


​Marsha Kinslow

"There have been many studies that show music has a direct effect on academics and performing greatly improves a child's self-esteem!  That is why I love JitterBugs!  JitterBugs has great dance moves to the cutest songs that the children love, and the performances are absolutely wonderful.  The teacher is very high energy, upbeat, organized and has great classroom management.  The children perform and respond to her well.  As a director I highly recommend that every preschool have JitterBugs as part of their program.  And as a grandparent, I think all little ones should have music and performing in their lives.  It's great for them, and you will love seeing them perform!"

Sheila Sachs
Living Faith Preschool Director
Fayetteville, AR  

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